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I am thrilled that everyone who uses my journals, & journal and planner accessories, knows they are getting pieces that are unique with hand-drawn art, or hand sculpted embellishments, worthy of a true journal/planner lover.

Before I created Chic with a Plan, I struggled with the journals & planners that were sold in stores. Many journals don’t have the ability to add pages or move pages around, unless you use a plain ring binder. Those were so boring and limited ability to customize. Planners on the shelves are cookie cutter with mild flexibility and just frustrating to deal with.

I wanted a much more customizable and personal experience when journaling or planning. I began my journey by creating printables for myself and sticking them in existing planner “husks”. I wasn’t satisfied with stopping there. I wanted to make the entire thing, the covers, the dashboards, stickers, everything! Over the years my ideas and designs evolved, long before I decided to put anything out there for others to enjoy.

I was concerned that maybe I was just a little weird, and others may not like my take on the classic life staples, that maybe I’m just over the top.

But then I decided I can’t be the only one who wishes they could have something artistic and unique that served them in their lives, and well… have something that felt special. After all, journaling is one of the most personal experiences, and planning literally the path you’ve created in your life. 

I decided to set out to create the most unique and soul-touching pieces in the journal and planner world for the most particular planner and journaler in the world.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

I ran into many issues, from learning how to keep resin from being an uneven mess, to how to get my printer behave and print the pieces correctly. (It has a mind of its own, lol). Eventually, I was able to refine the processes and create products that are up to my standards. 

I needed to create this for those who value that time alone chronicling their dreams and laying out their plans to achieve their dreams. I wanted to make it an experience liken to stepping through a door into your own personal haven each time you open the covers. With aesthetics that feel like your favorite space from cover to accessories. 

If you believe that journaling and planning are a crucial part of self-growth and putting the pieces of your life into place, then welcome to Chic with a Plan! Here you will find tips and tricks for your own practices, and a shop full of unique covers and accessories containing hand drawn & sculpted art by yours truly.